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The Manager Development Program

Start Fast, Grow Strong, Keep Learning

A training + coaching program

for new(er) managers

Ideal for new managers making the transition from a contributor role, or managers with a few years experience striving to level up.


If you're new to management, you're excited and looking for help succeeding with your transition.

If you've been managing for a while, you're looking for approaches and tools to strengthen your success leading, guiding, and coaching your team members for great results.

And you want help and insights FAST!

Using extensive guided discussion, real-world case studies, group breakouts, practice activities, and exercises, you will explore leadership, challenging conversations, coaching, career development, performance management, and working with your boss and peers.

Take this course to grow your knowledge of how to manage successfully and elevate your performance and the performance of your team. Leverage the executive coaching to tailor a program for continued professional development and retain evergreen access to the Ideas-to-Actions content in the program online Resource Portal.


-July 20, 27, and August 3, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central


-September 8, 15, 22 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central

$497 per participant includes live-online sessions, evergreen resource portal, one-on-one coaching session

Note: We are happy to set up dedicated program sessions/dates for groups of 8 or more.

Here's How You Will Benefit:

Grow your confidence with the most challenging aspects of managing

Effectively manage your co-located and virtual team.

Build a strong foundation for growth as a leader.

Build a working environment that promotes innovation, collaboration, and personal growth for your team members

Learn to effectively navigate the challenging conversations that promote growth

Manage one-on-one and group conversations for clarity, performance, and growth

Grow relationships with your peers, boss, and other critical organization stakeholders

Executive Coach and Program Creator, Art Petty

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Art Petty is a leading executive and emerging leader coach, author, and professional development program creator. Art has been coaching, writing, and supporting the development of leaders at all levels for the past decade, following a successful corporate career as a senior executive in multiple technology firms.

Your Coaching Session Helps You Bring the Ideas to Life

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Post-Training Coaching Helps You

Bring the Ideas to Life with Your Team

We believe in creating well-rounded, sustaining professional development experiences for our clients. Following your training program, you meet with executive and emerging leader coach Art Petty to help you tailor a custom professional development program to fit your needs.


Your Role as Manager:

-What you aspire to achieve as a manager

-Understanding your boss's mission & goals for you and your team

-Tuning in to what your team needs from you as a manager

-Creating your Manager's Charter as your true north

Building the Effective Working Environment:

-Assessing your team's situation/needs

-Writing the Rules for Success with your team members

-Leveraging Swift Trust to accelerate time-to-performance

-Using the 3W's process to energize your group

Communicating for Success:

-Why your open-door policy isn't enough

-How to FLEX to their communication needs

-How your Fierce Listening habits promote performance

-One-on-One Conversations that promote growth

-Delegating with respect and confidence

Coaching and Performance Discussions

-Fundamentals of quality feedback discussions (constructive and positive)

-Career development discussion as an everyday opportunity

-Coaching for continuous improvement

Goal Setting to Promote Growth:

-How to use goals to promote performance and learning

-Working with them to create important, measurable goals

-Your role as sponsor for the success of their goals

Strengthening Your Relationship with Your Boss & Peers

-What your boss needs from you

-What you need from your boss

-Why your peer relationships are critical

-How to grow your network in your organization

How to Know It's Working:

How to gain feedback on you and your management effectiveness

The career-changing value of a great swim buddy

Developing Yourself:

-How to leverage your coaching session to create your professional development plan

-The continuous learning and development habits of successful leaders

Additional Takeaways:

-BONUS!! Your 100-Day Action Planning Guide

-Jam Session Topics (participant choice/group & instructor brainstorm)

-Evergreen Resource Portal with all program content

-Evergreen e-mail access to Art Petty for management and leadership questions


Join the family of thousands of managers who have grown their success by bringing Art Petty's leadership approaches and tools to life in their organizations! Art's goal is always to make this the most formative and important professional development experience of each participant's career.

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