You cannot maximize your impact without growing your influence.

Unfortunately, too many individuals view developing influence as playing politic or engaging in games. The phrase, “I don’t want to play those games” is frequently offered by individuals frustrated with their lack of influence over their jobs, priorities, and career advancement.

In reality, there’s a better way to grow your influence. It doesn’t involve dirty politics or engaging in games. It’s about you authentically creating value for your team, organization, and yourself.

And you need to do this to get ahead in your career. You need to grow your influence to maximize your impact.

Think about it. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You're frustrated from a sense of powerlessness you feel over daily activities and interactions.
  • Your requests for resources and your request for face-time are delayed or dodged.
  • Your opinion is not actively sought on topics and you want to be heard.
  • Maybe you want more influence in your organization but do not want to have to step all over others on your way to the top.
  • You are motivated to find a way to grow your influence and move forward (and upward) in your career! Maybe there's even promotion you've been eying.
  • You're ready to step up to resolve cross-boundary conflict, and survive and thrive in this fast-paced environment.
  • You want to become that person calling the shots, guiding the resources and making things happen across your organization.
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How much influence do you have in your organization?

Influence is where the rubber meets the road in the form of driving results.

There’s no doubt in every organizational setting, a small group of people decide who does what and what gets done.

Are you one of those individuals impacting the key priorities and decisions?

True influence…the kind where people seek you out and value your input and involve you and look to you to lead, isn’t bestowed by a title, it’s born of hard work. Influence is earned over time based on a great number of exposures.

What is it that people with influence in an organization do differently?

Those that cultivate power and influence work hard on managing themselves. They are emotionally intelligent. These power-pursuers also are innately aware of the impact that they have on others, and they draw upon well-honed skills to manage external perceptions and to adapt to changing situations.

Those with power and influence have carefully thought through their own personal brand and value proposition, and work hard reinforcing this brand through their actions and behaviors.

Their focus is on getting work done through others and asserting their agenda, and to do that, they must forge respectful relationships, build strong social networks and guiding coalitions and they must support others more often than they ask for support.

Those with influence define the rules, select the players and enjoy the outcomes.

It’s time to begin deliberately and ethically working on cultivating your workplace influence.

What’s your strategy to grow your influence and power?

That's where we come in. We've boiled down the very best path to growing your influence into a simple, step-by-step training.


Level Up Power Skills: Get More Done, Faster by Growing Your Influence

(AND Grow Your Career in the Process)

This is an online/on-demand course where you will learn how to view influence and power differently so that you can be heard, take charge of your own career, and get a seat at the strategy table.

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Here's What You'll Learn...

Discover how to take control of what you work on and of your career.

Gain the confidence to make yourself heard for important decisions and actively advocate for yourself.

Learn the practical, proven techniques to get your seat at the table on strategic initiatives.

Leverage tactics to break through roadblocks.

Learn how to better navigate across the organization for high-impact results and engaged and happy collaborators.

Learn how to change your view to confidently navigate and embrace the political environment.

Effectively influence and guide teams in your organization through tough issues, which will result in solid decisions and successful initiative.

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Here's Everything You Get...

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7 Core Training Videos On:

Reframing Your View on Developing Influence

Assessing Your Organization’s Political Environment

Growing Your Influence Upward

Developing Your Network to Grow Your Influence

Spotting Gray-Zone Opportunities to Grow Your Influence

Influencing Through Positive Persuasion

Advocating for Yourself

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Downloadable Ideas-to-Actions Guides

Each lesson comes with a corresponding guide to help you focus on the key actions you need to take to make progress.

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Live Welcome Session and Monthly Office Hours

Meet the instructors in an engaging live kickoff session, and join them monthly for live office hours to answer your questions and discuss any challenges you’re experiencing as you apply what you are learning.

Get The Influence Course for just $278 today!

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