How to Grow Your Impact at Work (Live-Online + Coaching)

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3 Live-Online Sessions + Coaching Dedicated to

Leveling Up Your Impact and Growing Your Success

September 8, 15, 22 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central

Are you ready to start knocking down barriers, gaining support, and maximizing your impact?

Interactive Sessions

Work with executive and career coach, Art Petty and leadership expert and program co-creator Anita Lauper Wood & your cohort members to identify and implement strategies for getting more done and growing your impact at work.

Coaching for Growth!

The group sessions educate and inspire and your one-on-one coaching session helps you identify how to bring ideas to life at work. Work with Art and Anita to create your plan and refine your approaches for your unique workplace culture.

Ongoing Access & Support

When the program ends, you retain access to your coaches via e-mail and free access to future live sessions of this program. This ensures you can keep your skills sharp and sustain your impact growth.

Is it time to maximize your impact for you and your team?

Who this Program is For:

Regardless of your role or title, if you are striving to gain a seat-at-the-strategy table, become more involved in key decisions, or working to bring your vision to life, you need to grow your influence. This program will arm you with powerful, practical approaches for this important work.

This program is ideal for any individual with more than a few years of experience in the workplace interested in maximizing their impact for themself and their team.

Our program participants are:

  • Contributors striving to have a larger impact
  • Project managers and individuals who lead without authority
  • Managers striving to grow their responsibilities
  • Individuals reaching for larger opportunities in their organizations
  • Teams and functional groups interested in growing their impact across their organizations.

What you'll learn in this live-online program

How this Program Helps You:

We work with you in this program to help you rethink your approach to people and situations. We provide you with the communication training and tools to deal with the most difficult of workplace characters and to build value in tough situations.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to turn your nerves for high-stakes presentations into messages that gain support and grow your brand.
  • Why the tools of Positive Persuasion are essential for success at work and how to use them to create value.
  • How to map the influencers in your organization as a starting point for growing your influence.
  • How to start, renew, strengthen, and even repair relationships with key influencers in your organization.
  • Why you can engage in the political environment without "playing games" and instead focusing on relationships and building Clean Power.
  • The power of Gray-Zone leadership and how you can create value for your colleagues while growing your influence with this approach.
  • How to engage with your boss and gain sponsorship for larger initiatives.

And because turning ideas into actions is essential for successfully growing your influence, we offer a collection of our Ideas-to-Actions Guides outlining specific actions and approaches to apply in the workplace.

We work together to help you sustain results that grow your impact

The Group & Coaching Sessions plus Supporting Tools Send You Back to Work Prepared to Succeed

Art and Anita have their roots in growing technology businesses. Both of them understand the pressures for results and the complexity of navigating people and processes in challenging workplace cultures. That's code for everything Art and Anita teach is focused on giving you something tangible to use in the workplace.

The group sessions are interactive. We use breakouts for cohort members to explore ideas and approaches, and we work to immediately apply new concepts to situations you can relate to in your workplace.

The coaching session is all about you and how to bring the ideas to life to maximize your impact.

The program's e-learning portal serves as a repository of program content and tools and a treasure-trove of suggested resources.

And once the program ends, Art and Anita are never more than an e-mail away for questions or to brainstorm ideas for your challenges.

Join us in July or September for three evening sessions that can transform your career.

9/8, 15, 22 at 6:30 PM Central.

$397 per participant.

Questions or inquiries for group pricing:

(3) group sessions and one coaching session via Zoom

Downloadable resources

Evergreen e-learning portal

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