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A Comprehensive Live Online Program + One-on-One Coaching for Helping New Managers Succeed from the Start

6/14 from 9 AM to 4 PM Central and 6/15 from 9 AM to 1 PM Central

The transition from contributor to manager is one of the most challenging in any career. Everything is different. What made you successful as a contributor is a different skill set than the one you need to develop for success as a manager. And, the failure rate of new managers is abysmally high with some estimates suggesting more than 50% will flame out during their first year. That's unacceptable, and it's one of the key reasons I created First Time Managers Academy.

A Career Long Commitment to Helping New Managers Succeed

I have a long-running commitment to helping new managers succeed.

It started with my own nightmarish transition to a manager from a contributor. Thankfully, a great mentor helped me navigate the quicksand of managing for the first time.

As an executive, I sponsored new managers for expensive training and coaching and worked with our promoting managers to ensure mentoring was in place.

And, when I left the corporate world to open my professional development practice, I focused my first book, Practical Lessons in Leadership, squarely on new managers.

My View Hasn't Changed—Learning to Manage is Hard Work

After leading workshops and webinars and training thousands, my view that the move from contributor to manager is one of the most difficult of anyone's career is stronger than ever.

There are no shortcuts to success.

Moving from contributor to manager is awkward, clumsy, and filled with opportunities to misstep. These missteps are costly to everyone involved, the new manager, the new manager's team, and the promoting manager.

It's a fundamental transformation with more obstacles and pitfalls to catch you off guard than the typical video game. Except, it's not a video game. Those are real people, and our organizations and bosses need actual results. Good results.

The Design Thinking Behind First-Time Managers Academy

I set out to create a program that would blend the best of my experience-based coaching with great classroom work that brings the ideas and approaches to life. Additionally, one of our core underpinnings was that any program we created had to be rich in guiding ongoing development and improvement and allow access to the course creator (me) for q/a support and ongoing live webinar training.

This program had to be fundamentally different than every course out there. The content had to be immediately applicable in the workplace and the program had to incorporate one-on-one coaching. Last and not least, I made a commitment to teaching this program. There's something different about learning from an executive who has built multiple market leaders and managed and supported the growth of thousands of professionals, in contrast to other programs taught by facilitators without much real-world management experience.

Putting the ideas to work and monitoring and measuring progress while striving for continuous improvement is the right way to develop new managers.

Learning Plus Development Plus Continuous Improvement

Our program had to incorporate specific developmental actions and a system for continuous improvement. It had to incorporate one-on-one coaching. And, as mentioned, it also had to allow easy access to me for questions and idea generation. And finally, it had to provide regular opportunities to build on the concepts in a live online educational setting.

The outcome—First-Time Managers Academy—an live online learning and continuous development experience for new managers.

From considering moving to management to acclimating to the new role, building a solid leadership foundation, and then building high-performance with team members, the program is laser-focused on new manager success.

First-Time Managers Academy is built on a teach/experiment/monitor/measure/continuously improve structure.

If you're motivated to succeed, the tools and approaches are all here.

The ongoing education via my alumni webinars is here.

The 100-day start-up guide is here!

And I'm here to help. As the program creator, every participant has unlimited access to me via e-mail for questions on concepts or managerial problem-solving.

Whether you are managing and mentoring new managers, or, you are the new manager, First-Time Managers Academy is the right place to start working on success.

Put me to work helping your new managers succeed!

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Introducing First Time Managers Academy Live Online

This is a live online program that blends rich session content, practice, and tools with one-on-one coaching. Built on the core principles and approaches in the online course attended by hundreds of organizations, this is a unique professional development experience for new managers.

Here's What You'll Learn in the Live Online Sessions...

How to get started with your new team and how to navigate the awkward shift from team member to team manager.

Where new managers commonly misstep and how to avoid those pitfalls.

Why "Swift Trust" is so critical as a new manager and how to create a strong foundation of it with your group.

A powerful tool to shift the focus off of you and on to the work of the group in driving high performance.

How to conduct challenging managerial conversations, including feedback, coaching, and goal-setting.

How to work with your boss and your new peers across the organization as a manager.

How to conduct effective one-on-ones and support your team members for growth.

The move from contributor to manager is one of the most challenging transitions in your entire career.

Coaching Helps You Bring the Ideas to Life

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Two One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The interactive working sessions are critical for sharing tools and approaches and practicing with key skills and behaviors. However, the coaching is where this material becomes personal. I work with participants to tune-in to their unique start-up situations and offer guidance for bringing program content to life. Additionally, all participants retain unlimited e-mail access to me for follow-on questions.

Summary Guides Offer On-Going Development Guidance

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Downloadable Planning Sheets & Guides

Each working session comes with a corresponding guide to help you focus on the key actions you need to apply in the workplace. The guides summarize key points and then offer ample development ideas to support continuous learning and improvement.

100-Day Action Planning Guidebook Offers a Blueprint for Success

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